Footnight Miami FAQs

What is a Footnight Party?

A Footnight Party is an event specifically for adults who enjoy exploring and sharing their interest in Foot Fetish.  People from different backgrounds come together in a safe location to have a good time. Permitted activities are touching, tickling, smelling, kissing, licking, massaging and trampling of feet.

Each attendee has his or her own interests, preferences and limits.  No one should feel pressured to participate in any activity in which they feel uncomfortable.  Overly aggressive behavior including rude language or actions will result in expulsion from the event and you will be banned from future parties.

There is no nudity allowed; all participants must remain fully clothed.  There is no genital contact allowed; including underneath or through clothing.  

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What is the age requirement for Footnight events?

Footnight is an adult only event.  You must be eighteen years old to enter.  When we host a party in a venue which sells alcohol or has other procedures in place to inspect or approve entry, including the requirement for photo identification, the rules of that location will be followed.  All attendees will be asked to sign a document confirming they are of age and that they understand and agree to abide by our rules.

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This is my first Footnight.  What should I expect?

You’ll be greeted upon arrival and asked to sign a waiver confirming you are of age and agree to follow Footnight rules of behavior.  You can walk around at your leisure to check out the venue and get a look at the ladies in the club. You can order a drink and observe for a while if you are feeling nervous.  

Don’t be alarmed if one of the hosts approaches you and welcomes you to the party.  He or she is glad to see you and wants you to have fun. No one is going to force you to do anything.  If you feel like you’d like some guidance or an introduction to a model all you have to do is ask.

Our guests range from first timers to long time attendees.  You’ll witness foot worship, massage and tickling in the open areas.  You may watch from a distance, but be respectful of others’ space. Feel free to move at your own pace in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.  When you are ready to session, you may do it in the open or utilize one of our private rooms.

The girls are all friendly, warm and extremely receptive to being approached about sharing some foot fun.  That's what they are here for. We are all here to have a great time enjoying beautiful feet in a comfortable, no pressure environment.  

Have fun and enjoy this great opportunity for you to fulfill your foot fetish fantasies!

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I'm A Little Shy. How Can I Have The Most Fun At The Party?

This is a fun party where you can meet and enjoy the feet of ladies who truly love having their feet pampered, worshipped and adored... all night long :-) You might be either new to the foot parties, or a little shy to approach girls. But just remember, these ladies LOVE having you at their feet, and are waiting there HOPING that you will come up and ask them to play. Feel completely free to strike up a little friendly conversation with one of the girls that is standing around.  Make whatever small talk you want until you build up the courage to take the next step and ask her to remove her shoes.

If there is a particular girl that you want to play with, and you see her standing and chatting with other girls or guys for a long period of time, do not be afraid to politely interrupt and ask her for a session when she breaks free.  If she is there for the party, then she wants you to enjoy her feet.

Courtesy is always a priority.  If a lady is engaged in a session with another client, you should never approach.  You may watch from across the room to see when she becomes free, but looming over a couple in session or attempting to engage an occupied model in conversation is very rude.  Respect others as you wish to be respected.

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Can I Take One of the Ladies To A Nearby Hotel For A Private Session During The Party?

No guests or models are to leave the party venue for private sessions in other locations during the course of the party. If anyone does so, they will not be allowed back into the party. We invite a certain number of girls to ensure the best possible girl to guy ratio. If girls are taken away from the party, it hurts the party. It is also not safe practice for the ladies.

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If I really like a particular lady, may I hire her for the entirety of the party?

The models attending our events have come to make money, so it is expected that they will prefer to be in session from beginning to end.  Men and women both should remember that this party is meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Sharing the fun is important. It is good practice to not consume all of a single models time so that she may mingle and interact with other guests.  You are always welcome to session with the lady again when you see that she is free.

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What is your policy on photographs?

There is no photography allowed at our events.  The privacy of both our guests and models is very important.  If you are seen or suspected of snapping photos with your camera or cell phone you will be asked to leave.  

We will sometimes have members of the Footnight Team taking photos of models for social media promotions.  Our photographers will never take a picture of a model or guest without permission. If you believe that you are inadvertently captured in a photo, please address the photographer immediately to ensure that your image is removed.  We understand and respect your desire for utmost privacy.

If you would like a picture with a particular lady as a souvenir, you must first obtain the model’s permission.  If she says yes, then you may approach one of the event organizers to assist you.

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Can I bring a friend with me?

Only registered, paying guests are allowed into the event.  No friends, escorts, or anyone else who has not registered or been officially invited by the party host(s) personally will be allowed into the party.

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Will our names or personal information be given out?

Never! Any information obtained when you sign up or make payment for our event will be kept completely confidential.  We will never contact you by mail or phone. The only information we maintain on file is your email address so that we may send you occasional details on future events.

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Is this a party with dancing, entertainment and festivities?

Although we refer to Footnight as a "foot party", it is not really a party with dancing, partying, festivities and entertainment as one would normally imagine a "party" to be.  Although we have no problem with people dancing if they wish to (and absolutely encourage it!), Footnight is an evening where ladies and gentlemen with a preference for feet are able to indulge in and enjoy their favorite foot fetish activities such as foot worship, trampling, tickling, foot smothering, foot massage, toe-sucking, foot domination, foot smelling etc.  It is a very private, discreet, low-key event, where foot lovers can come to fulfill their private foot fetish fantasies in a safe, comfortable, non-threatening environment.

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Can I just show up at the door the night of the party?

If our event is being held in a venue with limited space, only registered guests will be allowed entrance.  If we are in a locale which can accommodate larger numbers, then we may allow you entrance.  We ask guests to register in advance (even if opting to pay at the door) so we have a good estimate on the number of attendees.  We utilize this information when developing the list of models to invite. If you show up at the party without registering, then you will alter the ratio of models to guests causing everyone to have to wait longer for sessions.  Please be respectful of other guests and remember that it is also your wait time that will be affected.

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What time does the party start?

The parties start at 4:00 pm and usually go to 12:00am.  If our event is held inside a night club, you may be allowed to remain in the club after our event has ended.  We strive to have models available throughout the party, some arrive early and others come in later. If your favorite lady isn’t there when you arrive, she may still be on the way.

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Can I dress casually for the party, or is there a specific dress code?

Our events usually have a theme based on the season, a holiday or whatever fun idea we come up with.  Wearing a costume will show some spirit and may enhance your fun, but they are never required. We want you to be comfortable, so feel free to dress casually.  We do remind you that wearing any unusually sloppy clothing, questionable attire or offensive logos which the nightclub may prohibit are not acceptable. If the club refuses you entry based on your appearance, attitude or intoxication, Footnight will neither come to your defense nor provide a refund.  Please remember that we are a low-key group seeking casual enjoyment of shared interests. We are not trying to attract attention.

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Will I be able to get food and drinks at the party?

Footnight Miami does not offer or sell food and drinks.  When our events are held inside local night clubs you may purchase anything they offer from their bar or kitchen.  Of course you must be of age to buy alcoholic beverages.

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How safe and secure is the party?

Footnight Miami hosts will also be available from beginning to end of the event.  Our events are held in local nightclubs with their own security personnel and well lit parking areas.  Your security, safety and comfort is a personal priority of ours, so always come to us if you have any concerns for yourself or another models or guests.  If you would feel more comfortable having an escort to your vehicle at the end of the night all you have to do is ask.

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I am a female coming to the party. Can I bring a friend or escort with me?

We have no problem with you bringing personal slaves, submissives or friends who are into the foot fetish "scene". However there are two important guidelines in this regard: All gentlemen will need to be on the guest list to be admitted into the party and All gentlemen will be asked for an admission tribute at the door on arrival.  You may not bring a female friend to participate as a model. All models must be invited and approved by Footnight Miami. We do welcome new ladies at our events, but please submit a model application to show your interest.

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How big is the venue? Will I have enough room to play at the party?

The venues are always selected to provide adequate play space for the number of people expected at the parties.  You'll find open areas and private spaces available to meet your preference. Because we host events in different locations we cannot provide more specific details, but rest assured that all of these issues go into our selection process.

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What is the cost of admission for the parties?

We try to keep our party admission consistent and affordable so that you are not left short of cash for what you come to the parties for in the first place... footplay with the ladies.  The admission for gentlemen is $65. There are often discounts for those willing to purchase an advance ticket. If you prefer to pay cash the day of, registered guests can pay at the door.

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How much do I give the ladies?

There is a customary $20 donation for every 10 minutes of foot interaction.  However, some ladies might ask for a different rate or offer a special if you agree up front to a 20-30 minute session.  It is your responsibility to discuss rates and particulars of your session prior to commencing any foot activities. You are always welcome to give a model a tip if you feel like you received exceptional service.  

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Do the ladies approach me, or do I ask them to worship their feet?

Our models are encouraged to remain mobile and social during the event, but guys are always welcome to approach the ladies.  If you have your eyes on a special lady who is very popular, it will require your participation to get her attention. There is certainly no need to be nervous about going up to a lady and speaking to her.  Every modell that comes to the parties is there for the same reason as you are there... foot fetish fun!! They all love having their feet worshipped, and most of them are always more than happy to share your personal foot fantasies with you.  Whether you enjoy sensual foot worship, tickling, trampling, face standing or foot smelling, the girls would love to indulge in any of these activities with you. You will never be judged at the FootNight Miami parties. This is your personal haven to live and experience your feet dreams and barefoot fantasies!

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Are sexual activities allowed at the parties?

Never.  Not at all. Offering, agreeing to, or participating in sexual activities or acts of prostitution or solicitation is strictly forbidden while in attendance at the party.  This is strictly a fun foot fetish party arranged for the enjoyment of those people interested in foot fetish activities. Please understand that these rules are to protect all of us from potential legal problems.  FootNight has developed an excellent reputation for hosting the safest, cleanest, most fun foot parties. The last thing we want to do is soil the credibility we've worked so hard to attain... or encourage activities that might put our guests, ladies, the venues and FootNight at risk.

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What is proper etiquette at a Footnight Party?

There are a few simple rules you should adhere to, most of these are simple common courtesies.  

  • Do not crowd around any couple in session.  If you are waiting for a certain model to become available you may watch discreetly from across the room.  Never attempt to start a conversation with a model or guest involved in session.


  • Never touch a model above the knee.  This is a foot fetish party: our focus ranges from knees to toes so nothing else goes.
  • If you are watching a model engaged in a long conversation with guests or other ladies, you may approach politely and ask if she is available to session.  Remember that just like in any other crowded place, employing eye contact or hand signals can be useful to get a girl’s attention. If you remain patient and polite you will probably never do wrong.


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I host my own foot parties... Can I give out my card and promote my parties at the FootNights?

NO.. absolutely not!

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Will I be able to arrange private sessions outside of the party?

Footnight Miami does not provide this service.  If you feel that you have made a connection with one of our models you may respectfully ask her if she is available outside of the party.  We are all adults here and everyone should be capable of making their own well-informed decisions.

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How many girls will be at the party?

The number of ladies at the party will depend on the number of male guests.  We try to have a good ratio of feet for our attendees. If you’ve ever wondered why we stress so much pre-registration, this is why.  If we know how many guys are planning to attend then we can adjust the number of pretty feet at the event. We try to have a mix of your favorite models along with new talent at each party.  Remember that we also utilized guest feedback from past events in determining which ladies we invited to future events, so your participation is important.

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Hygiene is very important to me.  Will the girls clean their feet after each session?

Hygiene is a major priority at the parties.  The ladies' feet will be cleaned after each and every session with Witch Hazel, an anti-bacterial cleanser.  The cleanser dries very quickly, and is unscented and tasteless, so the ladies' feet will retain their natural fragrance and flavor so they will be perfectly safe for you.  It is also totally acceptable if you wish to ask the model to clean her feet while you watch or if you offer to do it for her. Anytime you have questions or concerns with anything, please ask one of your hosts for guidance.  We work hard for your comfort and confidence. Remember that we all had our “first time” and we are here for you.

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How can I be a Footnight model?

You need to register at the Models Application page at and include shots of your face, full body, and tops and bottoms of your feet.  We will review them and contact you.

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Is there a way for me to talk online to the Footnight ladies or other guests?

We do not have a designated network for this purpose, but most of our models and many of our members are active on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, MousePad and FetLife.  We do not share contacts from our database, but if you strike up a conversation with any of the guys and gals it would not be in appropriate to offer them your social media handle.  You might just make a few good friends.

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